Jesus Emperor

It is a curious thing, some of the current events and disruptions in the body that have begun over the placement of our spiritual head (Ephesians 4:15), and his official titles, rulership and authority.  Much of this disputing has caused overreaction to one idea frequently held among members of the ecclesia for a number of years, and also the falling away of some not able to cope with the turbulent atmosphere of the ecclesia at this time, and the stumbling of others who have been despising their brothers and sisters, in private in their own hearts, or in public, with a mask of defense of the truth, ecclesia, or what Christadephians traditionally believed. (Romans 14:13) Lately it seems the climate in Christadelphia at large concerning legitimate discussion or debate over things that should be more accurately understood, and more hospitably spoken, has been to a degree swayed to a simple rejection of discussion, and hermitage over issues, rather than airing the issues peaceably, and with intelligent conversation and explanation. Discussion and debate have been held as a Christadelphian tradition for proving the scripture either behind closed doors to a little group, or to a broad general public reception. A widespread a simple lack and tendency to explain, discuss, or debate another over an issue has not ever been the modus operandi of our community, and also veers far from the bible example on how to treat, educate, nurture peers of faith.  The cracks in ecclesial infrastructure will continue to occur at an alarming rate on this one simple attitude within our ecclesiae.  In a nutshell, the problem with the attitude is it simply provides no room at all for clearing up problems because there is no acceptable way to solve them, unless willingness to discuss, debate, listen, with gentleness is given.


Instruction, study, and discussion have instilled in me the knowledge that “feelings” or emotions must first be guided by fact, and then when all of the facts are in order can a person begin to understand what these facts express. This type of personal removal of feelings in order to try and get the facts, also comes with personal risk, as in order to get informed on opposing viewpoints often this requires direct discussion with people that sometimes have hostile attitudes toward what seem to be pointless or silly questions, and perhaps react thinking that one is uneducated, or maybe teaching some erroneous doctrine, and also over prolonged periods of time can cause a person to become calloused to the feeling of others. Be that as it may, in order to find out if certain teachings were actually producing the errors in doctrine perceived possible, and in order to follow biblical principles as best as possible, face to face discussion needed to be done, and telephone follow ups. This was done in a limited fashion, attempting not to get completely drowned in controversy, and accepting the risk and reactions from those brothers, better to have gleaned a few answers than none at all.


Now, what are the facts? Well most of them are found in Scripture, and in the natural world. As the writer choice to translate to the English text with quotes out of Hebrew and Greek texts has been one which took time to learn the need to do.  The reason for this is continuity with Yhvhs works, and due to the widespread use of the King James in the ecclesiae to show the flaws in scripture translation. Next we have facts concerning how to think logically, with a view toward looking at the thought patterns for flaws in logic as is taught for debate, the attempt has been made to imbue the these into my thinking process, so no errors are presented. Following the philosophy, we have basic etymological understandings concerning the Hebrew and Greek languages. This information should be sourced from the official language governing body of the country of origin, and has been to the extents of my ability. Also included where necessary are references to Robinson’s Morphological Analytical Codes, developed by Maurice Robinson, those are listed so the unlearned may understand the scripture, and also the mistakes made in the opposing viewpoints theology. These codes are helpful so any person who is not a professional fluent scholar of the Koine Greek can get an understanding of Greek word building and grammar.  Last, understand that individuals can make mistakes, and so an effort should be put out to make sure the concepts are correct, when a correction can be found a revision rewritten. ALL QUOTED TEXT WERE OUT OF E-SWORD, BY RICK MEYERS, VERSION 10.1.0.


Through personal experience I have learned there are 5 points of thinking to dissect any given subject material in order to find out what the real problem is and perhaps a solution. These thought patterns are both lengthy and tedious but also usually yield highly accurate results. The writing to will cover these viewpoints.  What is or our present state and what are the risks, what was or the past, facts or what the bible says as well as the interpretation thereof, testing which is questions answered and new errors in thinking found, and finally possible solutions.




Currently at this time we have a fellowship that is divided over the kingship of Jesus. The reason is hasty work done by a variety of different authors publishing books and statements of fellowship throughout Unamended Christadelphia. The reason for this disaster is simple; man’s work is inferior to God’s work.  There are a variety of understandings of the kingship or lack thereof, besides the books and statements produced, ranging from “Jesus is king over everything spiritual and natural and has completely fulfilled the Davidic promises” to “Jesus is not king in any way shape or form now and further more may not be our high priest now either, and we are not citizens of Israel in any way shape or form natural or spiritual” noticeably neither viewpoint matches.  Concerning the “reading of the arguments of others”, my personal view is to speak with a person one on one, the reason being eye reactions and facial expressions, as well as tone of voice is not seen in literature. Hopefully this has been to the benefit of the body of writing. The limits of scribed text, as well as electronic text are the main ingredients that have caused most of the controversy today. The fact that many people get angered over a text, before having spoken with a person one on one, or in fact even read the text to the end, is not good.  Keep in mind source material directly from EL Shadday Yahweh Sabaōth “The Almighty One, The Impregnable, Who is and will be a battalion”, in the original languages they were scribed, is scripture, to distort those words through opinion, or because of personal faith in the writings of man is clearly not acceptable.  We are prospered to have a vast selection of options and data free to help in a situation like this. Let us remember as we go forward, in the current we are not in one spirit, and the hatred of our brothers and sisters in Christ places us in death, and also that we are not the Judge of the quick and the dead.


Word of Yhvh 1 John 3:13 to 18 μη θαυμαζετε αδελφοι μου ει μισει υμας ο κοσμος ημεις οιδαμεν οτι μεταβεβηκαμεν εκ του θανατου εις την ζωην οτι αγαπωμεν τους αδελφους ο μη αγαπων τον αδελφον μενει εν τω θανατω πας ο μισων τον αδελφον αυτου ανθρωποκτονος εστιν και οιδατε οτι πας ανθρωποκτονος ουκ εχει ζωην αιωνιον εν εαυτω μενουσαν εν τουτω εγνωκαμεν την αγαπην οτι εκεινος υπερ ημων την ψυχην αυτου εθηκεν και ημεις οφειλομεν υπερ των αδελφων τας ψυχας τιθεναι ος δ αν εχη τον βιον του κοσμου και θεωρη τον αδελφον αυτου χρειαν εχοντα και κλειση τα σπλαγχνα αυτου απ αυτου πως η αγαπη του θεου μενει εν αυτω τεκνια μου μη αγαπωμεν λογω μηδε τη γλωσση αλλ εν εργω και αληθεια 


1 John 3:13 to 18 μη Not θαυμαζετε surprising αδελφοι brothers μου my ει if μισει hates υμας you ο the κοσμος world ημεις we οιδαμεν see οτι this μεταβεβηκαμεν in walking εκ from του the θανατου death εις to την the ζωην life οτι this αγαπωμεν love for τους the αδελφους brethren ο an μη not αγαπων loving τον the αδελφον brother μενει stays εν in τω to the θανατω death πας each ο a μισων hater τον of the αδελφον brother αυτου of himself ανθρωποκτονος a murderer εστιν in him και and οιδατε knowing οτι that πας each ανθρωποκτονος murderer ουκ not εχει have ζωην life αιωνιον of the age εν in εαυτω him μενουσαν Stay εν in τουτω this εγνωκαμεν knowledge την of the αγαπην pure love οτι this εκεινος one υπερ for ημων us την the ψυχην life αυτου his εθηκεν deposit και and ημεις I οφειλομεν owe υπερ aid των to the αδελφων brethren τας the ψυχας life τιθεναι payment ος whoever δ but αν wishes εχη having τον the βιον natural life του the κοσμου world και and θεωρη watch τον the αδελφον brother αυτου in his χρειαν need εχοντα to possess και and κλειση block τα the σπλαγχνα  mercy αυτου himself απ seperates αυτου himself πως How is? η the αγαπη love του of the θεου Diety μενει to stay εν in αυτω him τεκνια little children μου I μη not αγαπωμεν love λογω talk μηδε nor τη the γλωσση tongue αλλ but εν in εργω business και and αληθεια truth


1 John 3:13 to 18 Not surprising my brothers if you hate the world we see this in walking from death to the life, this is love for the brethren, an unloving brother stays in death, each a hater of his brother is a murderer, and know this each murderer does not have life of the Age in him,  Stay in the knowledge of pure love this one for us deposited his life and I owe aid to the brethren life debt, whoever but wishes to have the natural life of the world, and watches his brother needing to have and blocks his mercy separates himself.  How is the love of the Diety to stay in him? Little children I do not love talk nor the tongue but in business and truth.


Word of Yhvh Matthew 13:28 to 29 ο δε εφη αυτοις εχθρος ανθρωπος τουτο εποιησεν οι δε δουλοι ειπον αυτω θελεις ουν απελθοντες συλλεξομεν αυτα ο δε εφη ου μηποτε συλλεγοντες τα ζιζανια εκριζωσητε αμα αυτοις τον σιτον


Matthew 13:28 to 29 ο he δε critically εφη said αυτοις to them εχθρος hateful ανθρωπος man τουτο that εποιησεν are making οι the δε critically δουλοι slaves ειπον said αυτω he θελεις desires ουν really απελθοντες getting rid of συλλεξομεν ingathering αυτα them ο he δε critically εφη said ου no μηποτε never συλλεγοντες gather together τα these ζιζανια weeds εκριζωσητε uproot αμα when αυτοις you receive τον the σιτον grain

Matthew 13:28 to 29 He critically said to them “hateful men that are making these” critically slaves said “his desires really getting rid of ingathering them” He critically said “No never gather together these weeds, uproot at the same time you receive the grain”


Our Past


In the past Christadelphians as a have had a very tumultuous history, enlightened rejecter theories, atonement issues, and marriage and divorce issues, and dissentions of many natures, those issues are in the body, and should be buried in the past, and unless we come to the understanding “God is right”, and begin to erase unlearned irrelevant opinions, and replace them with facts and sound logic. The good thing is we can obtain growth via experiences.  The past texts did not contain many arguements over the kingship. The reason is the start of the ministering of faith several articles were written on the kingship of Jesus were of, while at the same time these writers upheld the Kingship ideology, most of this was due to zeal rejecting the Trinity believers, and others, while at the same time creating the understandings concerning the atonement. This pattern gives us a conflicting basis of their understanding, and is one reason why the presentation does not take in to account those works. The lessons we do retain are valuable. Many members had tempers, and hated each other, misrepresented each others views, and generally created permanent irrevocable damage to our preaching efforts to the point where our community has seen very little growth in the past and are shrinking and dying out.  The current struggle was draining much needed activity resources to a cause that bears no fruit. The age we live in is prophesied to change this and we are not and have never been limited to “few in number little flock”, and the righteous are intended to grow.

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