This site was produced by a long internal struggle over the course of 10 years.  Not long ago I, Jesse Davis, was an active member of the Unamended Christadelphians.  Most of their core beliefs are moderately accurate according to the bible, however there was and still are large portions of that faith which need to be restructured in order for the path of eternity to be lit again.  The things which bothered me and still do are somewhat simple, but cause a cascade of problems for all Christadelphians.

        1. The Christadelphian name is exceedingly difficult to market.  Most people have never heard of it.
        2. The Pioneer authors of that faith fought against each other tooth and nail, and frequently their works are republished, perpetuating an internal fight.
        3. There are a vast amount of errors in the Pioneer works, which have a deep and lasting impact on the credibility of Christadelphians as a whole.
        4. Within the Unamended portion of that community teaching Jesus in not king yet is common.  This is blasphemy to all Christians, and is the major reason why I have left.My response to this idea.


Now it is easy to criticize, and then do nothing.  I have chose to do.  This website is intended to give me, and perhaps in the future a community a venue to teach, and to build a firmer foundation.

Plagerizm now is in process, and this is really a problem. All intellectual ideas found in my writing on site or off site or in related electronic or hard copy must be exact ” ” and reference my name, site link and or article title. Credit where credit is due.