Jesus Emperor

It is a curious thing, some of the current events and disruptions in the body that have begun over the placement of our spiritual head (Ephesians 4:15), and his official titles, rulership and authority.  Much of this disputing has caused overreaction to one idea frequently held among members of the ecclesia for a number of years, and also the falling away of some not able to cope with the turbulent atmosphere of the ecclesia at this time, and the stumbling of others who have been despising their brothers and sisters, in private in their own hearts, or in public, with … Continue reading Jesus Emperor

Fallen Angels

  There are many people in Popular Christianity who continue to put faith in the ideas of fallen angels. Let us research out what fallen angels truly are, and seek answers to the critical questions which we ought to ask. In order to do so we ought to find out what angels themselves are, and what qualities they have first, and then find out what, if any modifications happened to them when they fell.     The Hebrew word for angel, מלאך is said mlayk. The Greek has more words for angels than the Hebrew.  The words are αγγελος, αγγελον, αγγελω, αγγελου, … Continue reading Fallen Angels

Start of Prophecy

Prophecy has several rules to it. These rules at face value may not seem to be important to the understanding of prophecy, except they are, and are very important indeed.  The mind must remember not to overstep these while in study.   One rule is simple prophecy is future tense to the time it was given.   The bible speaks of these things as signs, signifying, things to come, things which shortly come to pass, prophecy, and the word of God, and the hidden mystery of God, and also as secrets.  Prophecy is called signs, are sometimes limited to the immediate … Continue reading Start of Prophecy